Web art?

Lecture outline.


Thierry Bardini. ‘Bridging the gulfs: from hypertext to cyberspace’.

Vannevar Bush. ‘As we may think’.

Daniel Chandler. ‘The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis’.

Dieter Daniels. ‘Strategies of interactivity’.

J.C.R. Licklider. ‘Man-computer symbiosis’.

Neil Ridgeway. ‘Hypertext and hypermedia’.

A form of production

Entropy8Zuper! Eden.Garden 1.1. invalid URL: http://eden.garden1.1.projects.sfmoma.org/

Matthew Ritchie. The Hardway.

Stanza—self-proclaimed ‘Net’ artist

Darcey Steinke. Blindspot.

Video Home Training

A means of distribution

010101 : art in technological times (SFMOMA)


New media from the Centre Georges Pompidou

Netbase / t0 : Institute for new culture technologies site available; project ended 2006.

Thought Thieves invalid URL: http://www.thought-thieves.org/mamb/


A multi-user social club

Faketown server times out: http://www.faketown.com

Kingdom of loathing

Second Life

Sissy fight game discontinued

Web critique

The Berkeley Oracle click the large question mark/arrow

Dump your trash! invalid URL: http://www.sero.org/dyt/
about ...

Outside of society – Flash tile-based games